• European Summer School for Innovation in Chronic Disease Intervention

    July 21st to August 2nd 2019

Hackathon @ euVENTION

On Saturday July 27th the euVENTION Hackathon will bring together 36 enthusiastic Summer School participants with 30 IT specialists and designers. Together they will build meaningful prototypes for our solutions using state of the art technology like 3D-printers, Microcontroller, etc.

Become part of a great insprirational environment and help to take the next step to a game-changing product. Come and …

What is euVENTION about?

euVENTION’s overall goal is to provide graduates, PhD students and young professionals the opportunity to improve prevention and treatment options for people, who are at risk or suffer from chronic diseases. euVENTION guides you through the whole process of product or service development: from the theoretical challenges to business development and creating the prototype. With challenges stemming direct from health care practice and the work floor, our experts will ensure you will create a viable and desired product or service.
euVENTION generates actionable results, while challenging participants to use state of the art innovation methods for future healthcare related endeavours.

Whom is it designed for?

euVENTION is made for all open-minded people, who want to change something (in health)!
No matter what your background is, everyone can contribute their expertise and all disciplines are welcomed. Ranging from medicine and life science to social sciences and humanities, from IT to business, from science to communication and design.
The summer school is designed for PhD students. But all dedicated master students, young professionals, or motivated individuals are welcome to apply as we believe multi-disciplinary teams can come up with the best and most innovative solutions.

euVENTION has English as working language. You need to have skills at least at level B2.

Why should I participate?

euVENTION is a two-week program, which uniquely covers all steps and tools to create your own startup.
You learn to develop meaningful solutions, using Design Thinking, by creating prototypes and developing state-of-the-art business models while receiving feedback from diverse stakeholders, e.g. patients, companies and insurers. You will apply these methods directly to a real-life challenge. In every step, you are supported by experienced mentors and experts. euVENTION gives you the unique opportunity to experience the full cycle of innovation while having expert support and exceptional, tested, means of innovation at your disposal.
These knowledge and skills are indispensable for any kind of career.

euVENTION is an EIT Health Summer School and Marsilius Academy 2019


Join euVENTION for your next innovation

Learn how to create innovation from your science!


These challenges will be worked on at euVENTION 2019:

Assistance for independent elderly - presented by Marsilius Kolleg

Elderly people (with chronic diseases) can live independent lives, but have an increased need of assistance. However, relatives often live far away and cannot take care on a daily basis.


How can we assist elderly with modern technology such that relatives can care better? The solution needs to be easy to use for elderly and digital for the relatives to be used on Smartphones/Tablets.

Electronic patient record - presented by Barmer

Chronically ill patients create a lot of data, like diagnostics findings, diagnoses, therapies, etc. All the data is stored in an electronic patient record. However, the data isn’t really used.


Create a solution to enable chronically ill patients to harness their data of the EPR sensibly.

Improve patient experience - presented by SAP

Patient’s Experience is more and more important but often viewed as another data silo not integrated with other relevant data sets or provided in time enabling direct impact on work processes.


How might we integrate and improve patient experience to foster better outcome of chronically ill patients?

This challenge searches for creative ideas to showcase how new digital solutions might:

  • facilitate the embedding of real-time feedback and up-to-date benchmarks into informed decision making
  • foster patient’s loyalty to strengthen patient’s compliance
  • help care providers respond faster and more effectively to patient needs
  • combine traditional metrics such as safety events, clinical outcomes, and financials with experience data – to drive comprehensive improvement across the health system
IoT and Digitazation for person with disabilities - presented by FingFang

The pace of evolution of Digitalisation and IoT often neglects the needs of people with disabilities.


Digitalisation and IoT are moving forward at an ever increasing rate. These have great potential to improve the lifestyle of people with disabilities. However, the general market driven evolution of the products and services in this sector, only tangentially improve some lives in some cases while eroding gains made in general accessibility.

  •  How might we build an ecosystem of accessibility focused devices and services to help people with disabilities stay connected and benefit from the full potential of IoT and digitisation?
  •  What are the key features that are required – viewed from the perspective of the end user, care provider, research institutes and insurance industry?
  •  How might these develop into a clear sustainable business model.
Osteoperosis as chronic disease - presented by Amgen

How might we engage and motivate Osteoporosis patients to develop lasting self-care habits to support their disease regimen from the moment of diagnosis?


Osteoporosis is an underdiagnosed and undertreated chronic disease. One out of 3 women above 70 years old will suffer a life-changing fragility fracture, leading to intensified long-term care for 80% of patients. For many patients, a fracture poses a long term risk to their independence, social, emotional and mental needs. Unfortunately patients and primary care physicians do not perceive osteoporosis as a chronic disease. Patients are not fully aware of their condition, don’t commit to their treatment plan and are not well-informed on the need for continued treatment and follow ups beyond 6 months. We are looking for innovative, cost-effective and scalable solutions to engage with the elderly who need it the most, possibly going beyond apps and text reminders.

Virtual assistance for patients with addiction - presented by participant

Doctors are overwhelmed with work and patients. Time is very precious. Therefore patients don’t get the treatment they need.


How could a virtual assistance support patient with chronic diseases, e.g. with addiction to drugs?

Our Challenges are presented by:



The syllabus of the Summer School euVENTION 2019


Learn the basics of Design Thinking while meeting your peers for drinks and snacks.


The challenges are presented and you choose yours. You get to know your team.

The Challenge

Design Thinking is introduced. Your team will follow this method to understand the intrincacies of your challenge.

Talk to experts

To find solutions that matter, you need to understand why and for whom you make it. Stakeholders will visit our site and give you insights.


To further refine or pivot your solution, you will test it together with mentors and coaches.

Deep Dive

Build a 3D-printer, program a micro-controller or get additional leadership and management skills.


Prepare a high-fidelity prototype, which has fundamental characteristics of your solution.

Enjoy Heidelberg

Foundation and baseline

Create your first business model and iterate it already focusing on your value proposition and key customer segment.

Challenge and change

Use different methods to challenge your business model, get new insights and create a new version.

The financial side

Have a closer look at the revenues and costs of your product or service.

Preparation of Pitch

Develop your final pitch. A pitch doctor will give you feedback.


A prestigious jury joins us and you and your team present the results of the two weeks.

euVENTION is organized by


Coaches, Mentors, and Experts

These people will support you with learning how to develop the next innovation.

Organising Team

euVENTION is supported by



Accommodation (as in hotel or hostel rooms) is not included.

We suggest, that you reserve a room already. Make sure that you could cancel it in case of being not admitted to the Summer School.
These are some nice places to stay.


Who is the target group?

We are looking for persons with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds interested in participating. We aim to have multidisciplinary teams as we believe these will be the most powerful to come to solutions.
It is beneficial if you have a finished master degree. euVENTION is also open to young professionals, who have already left academia. If you are still doing your masters in the field of euVENTION, please send us your application with your motivation.

If you aren’t sure if euVENTION is for you, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Which language will be spoken?

The euVENTION Summer School is an international event. All communication will be in English. Participants are expected to be proficient in English. It is not necessary to know any German. If needed, we will be happy to support you with your travel arrangements,.

Which kind of food will be available?

The summer school includes free breakfast and lunch. We will always provide a vegetarian option. We cannot guarantee the accommodation of other dietary needs.

Who will own the IP?

The IP regulations will be published here soon.

Can I propose my own challenge/business idea?

Although we have collected some real world challenges from our partners in industry and academia, we invite you to bring your own challenge. Please propose it together with your application. A prestigous jury will decide on the challenges choosen.

How to get to the venue?

The event will be held at the Marsilius Arkaden North Tower located at “Im Neuenheimer Feld 130.1” at the university campus in Heidelberg.

The nearest airports are Frankfurt/Main and Stuttgart. From Heidelberg train station, take bus no. 32 for 10 minutes to “Uni-Campus, Heidelberg-Neuenheim” or the tram to “Jahnstrasse, Heidelberg-Neuenheim” for 5 minutes. Time tables are available here.

Parking is available outside the building. You need to take a ticket from the machine once you enter the campus.

We are happy to help you with your travel arrangements and hotel reservation, please let us know.

Why did we collect real world challenges?

We believe that our teams will be able to develop solutions in less than two weeks. The challenge owner (i.e. our business partners from industry and academia) might be interested to be your first costumer right after the event, or buy your solution or the team as a whole.

Please contact us, if you have any kind of question

This activity has received funding from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). This body of the European Union receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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