• European Summer School for Innovation in Chronic Disease Intervention

    September 11th to September 22nd 2017
    EIT Health Summer School
    Marsilius-Academy 2017

What is euVENTION about?

euVENTION’s overall goal is to provide graduates, PhD students and young professional the opportunity to improve prevention and treatment options for middle-aged people, who are at risk or suffer from chronic diseases. euVENTION guides you through the whole process of product or service development: from the theoretical challenges to business development and creating the prototype. With challenges stemming direct from health care practice and the work floor, our experts will ensure you will create a viable and desired product or service.
euVENTION generates actionable results, while challenging participants to use state of the art innovation methods for future healthcare related endeavours.

Whom is it designed for?

euVENTION is made for all open-minded people, who want to change something (in the health sector)!
No matter what your background is, everyone can contribute their expertise and all disciplines are welcomed. Ranging from medicine and life science to social sciences and humanities, from IT to business, from science to communication and design.
The summer school is designed for PhD students. But all dedicated master students, young professionals, or motivated individuals are welcome to apply.

euVENTION has English as working language. You need to have skills at least at level B2.

Why should I participate?

euVENTION is a two-week program, which uniquely covers all the necessary steps and tools to create your own startup.
You learn to develop meaningful solutions, using Design Thinking, by creating prototypes and developing state-of-the-art business models while receiving feedback from diverse stakeholders, e.g. patients, companies and insurers. You will apply these methods directly to a real-life challenge. In every step, you are supported by experienced mentors and experts. euVENTION gives you the unique opportunity to experience the full cycle of innovation while having expert support and exceptional, tested, means of innovation at your disposal.
These knowledge and skills are indispensable for any kind of career.

High fidelity prototypes are created at the euVENTION Hackathon on September 16th.

Register now and support us to build meaningful solutions for chronic diseases.


euVENTION is a Summer School of


internationally selected


real world


mentors, coaches &




The euVENTION participants will work on the following challenges:

Digitized walking aid

Elderly people with impaired mobility often need support by products like walkers. However, the walker has not been evolved further for the last decades. This might result in a severe accident risk.


How might a digitized walking aid support elderly people with impaired mobility and reduce the risk of severe accidents?

Operating room of the 21st century

Patients security is depended on sterile goods in the operating room. The processes to handle the sterile products are analog and therefore very inefficient and error-prone. This poses problems with regulatory requirements as well as a potential electronic health record.


How might we digitize the operating room?

Detection of thyroid gland malfunction

Thyroid disease has many different symptoms, which are often not related to the disease. Therefore thyroid disease is often misdiagnosed or people simply accept the symptoms, because they relate them to becoming older.


How might we increase awareness for thyroid disease?

Emergency call for elderly persons

Elderly people often live alone without direct access to an internet connection. In case of emergency there is no option to call for help. This poses a threat to the elderly people. For relatives and people near to the elderly person, often situations of insecurity arise, if the elderly people is not contactable.


How might a device support elderly people to call help in case of emergency?

Prevention by Perception

People often misjudge their abilities. This applies for physical abilities, as well as the life style. Misperception might lead to a chronical disease. However, treatment is usually only given after diseases have developed, instead of sensitizing for the prevention.


How might we improve self judgement of physical abilities?

Regional Health Management

The environment of humans has changed dramatically in the past centuries. However, the genetics hasn’t had any time to adapt to this new framework. This could be a cause for modern diseases, like diabetes, coronary artery disease, dementia or cancer.


How might help people to use their self-regulating and self-regenerating abilities?


The syllabus of the Summer School euVENTION.


The challenges are presented and you choose yours. You get to know your team.

The Challenge

Design Thinking is introduced. Your team will follow this method to understand the intrincacies of your challenge.

Talk to experts

To find solutions that matter, you need to understand why and for whom you make it. Stakeholders will visit our site and give you insights.


To further refine or pivot your solution, you will test it together with mentors and coaches.

Deep Dive

Build a 3D-printer, program a micro-controller or get additional leadership and management skills.


Prepare a high-fidelity prototype, which has fundamental characteristics of your solution.

Enjoy Heidelberg

Foundation and baseline

Create your first business model and iterate it already focusing on your value proposition and key customer segment.

Challenge and change

Use different methods to challenge your business model, get new insights and create a new version.

The financial side

Have a closer look at the revenues and costs of your product or service.

Preparation of Pitch

Develop your final pitch. A pitch doctor will give you feedback.


A prestigious jury joins us and you and your team present the results of the two weeks.

euVENTION is organized by


Lead Coaches

For the three key sections, Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping and Business Model Innovation, experienced coaches will take the lead.

Ciaran Behan

Ciaran Behan

CEO - Course Resource UG

Ciaran has a broad technology development and innovation background and continuously seeks ways to apply his energy, experience and agile approach to new and exciting challenges.
Whether, mentoring individual life science professionals or developing novel training approaches for life science organisations, Ciaran leverages the many aspects of his broad technology and management background and experiences.

Ciaran has a degree in Controls and Robotics from the University of Hull, along with almost twenty five years of technology devleopment experience. His early career developed rapidly inside some of the largest multinational software corporations (Lotus (IBM), Microsoft and Oracle - where he became Director of Internationalisation for the CRM division). Later he reignited his passion for robotics, through life science technology development at his successful biotech startup, Biobotica LLC and later at EMBL Heidelberg.

Most recently Ciaran has moved into a mentoring, coaching and consulting role at his Course Resource startup as well as being heavily involved in the Heidelberg Makerspace movement.

Frank Rust

Frank Rust

CEO - SommerRust GmbH

As an Innovation Consultant, Frank always aims for the sweet spot at which viability, technological possibilities and customer needs meet. He is the co-founder of SOMMERRUST, a new consultancy that focuses on business model innovation and transformation for established companies.

Together with his co-founder, Frank has developed a user-centric methodology that uses both classic strategic management and Start-Up tools as well as Design Thinking in order to create innovations that deliver real value to the customer. Previously, Frank worked several years as a Design Thinking Coach and Solution Architect for SAP.

Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer

Vice President Global Customer Engagement and Open-Innovation - SAP SE

Georg is a passionate business professional with a proven track record in the successful delivery of global projects and programs, being responsible for all phases from inspiration to market delivery.

He has an open mind and great passion for change and new opportunities. Georg is a coach, trainer, speaker and project manager for Innovation Management leveraging Business Modell Innovation and Development as well as Design Thinking. As a business coach and mentor, he is globally supporting Start-ups and Enterprises who have a strong social and environmental focus.


Joachim Szecsenyi – Heidelberg University Hospital

Joachim Szecsenyi has a degree in medicine and social sciences. He has a track record of more than 25 years in Primary Care and Health Services Research. Currently he is medical director and leader of a department at Heidelberg University Hospital. He is also founder and CEO of the AQUA Institute for Applied Quality Improvement and Research in Health Care.

Pitch Doctor

Colin Bennett improves the teams presentation skills and pitch performances at euVENTION

For the last 25 years, Colin Bennett has been training business people in communication.
He has degrees in Economics and Business Administration, and the training qualification Cambridge University / RSA DTEFLA. In 1992 he began working for schools and educational trusts, where he trained groups and individuals, directed courses, developed learning materials, and carried out action research into memory and learning.  Colin became self-employed in 2000.

He has since trained people in industries ranging from advertising to academia, e-commerce to engineering, and finance to pharmaceuticals. He has also done consultancy work with advertising and PR agencies for new business pitches: writing the tender documents, designing the presentation, and developing the delivery.  For six years he spent the summer teaching written and spoken rhetoric at Durham University (UK). This experience encouraged him to branch out into speech writing, where he has advised top management, CEOs and government ministers.  For one of his clients, Colin wrote a speech for the Heiligendamm G8 Summit.

Since 2000, he has been running a range of seminars for presentations skills.  Based on the principles of audience psychology, these seminars combine theory and practice to help presenters engage their audience: to connect, to be credible and to convince.


For each section of euVENTION each team gets an individual mentor.

Marius Reiner

Marius Reiner

Heidelberg University

Marius has a broad background and broad interests, including technology, medicine and innovation. Previously he studied commercial information technology in Stuttgart and worked for Hewlett-Packard for seven years in
various roles.

While at HP he flourished in the sales organisation, including being an account manager for data center solutions and services. Always eager to acquire new skills and experience, Marius transitioned into project management at HP, gaining PMP certification and building the PMO structure and team for a global enterprise account.

Marius left HP to pursue another passion, human medicine, and is currently studying at Heidelberg University, finishing in 2018.

Russ Hodge

Russ Hodge

Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

Russ Hodge, is an expert in science communications and currently works as a science writer at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, Germany. Previously he ran the Office of Information and Public Affairs at the
European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg.

At EMBL he became heavily involved in science communication and education, writing the grants that established the science teaching magazine Science in School, the European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences at EMBL, and the international Science on Stage project (all funded by the European Union).

Russ regularly publishes highlight articles on the website of his home institute, as well as maintaining his blog presence. His popular books on science can be seen at Amazon.

Sonja Wilkens

Sonja Wilkens

Startup Support Manager of the City of Mannheim

For many years Sonja has been supporting startups. She gained experience as conveyor referent of an investment bank, as research assistant of the University Mannheim and has been working for more than 10 years as startup support manager. She is primarily in charge of funding issues.

Steve Christopher

Steve Christopher

Course Resource UG

Born in London, Steve finished University with a BA(Hons) before working in marketing. He moved into the London wine trade, first as a retail manager and then working directly with an English wine producer (yes it does exist and no it is not terrible!) as marketing and sales manager.

He then managed somehow to lose his heart in Heidelberg and has lived here for the last 12 years working in language training. Steve has over 10 years experience teaching and training at all levels and in a variety of organisations from colleges to scientific institutes to private individuals.

In 2013, he formed Course Resource with Ciaran Behan. The company specialises in training for life scientists and has worked successfully with EMBL, DKFZ, Springer and Abbott Pharmaceuticals among others.

Having established a network of trainers across the region, the company offers a wide portfolio of highly effective training solutions and innovative team building activities.

Thomas Siebenhüner

Thomas Siebenhüner

Customer Experience Expert - Leadvise Reply

With his extensive experience as an (Digital) Innovation Consultant and Customer Experience Manager, Thomas has helped both international corporations and various technology startups discover and establish innovative business models and new product portfolios. As a consultant, Thomas constantly aims at challenging the technological and economical status-quo, in order to pursue new ways of adding value to both businesses and consumers alike.

He is a Senior Consultant and Design Thinking and Customer Experience Expert at Leadvise Reply, a management consultancy with a focus on digitalization and innovation.

Previously, Thomas worked several years in the digital marketing field with a specialization on technology-driven projects.


During the Hackathon the following mentors will support you to test your solution further.

Michael Huber

Michael Huber

European Patent Attorney - Müller-Boré

Michael Huber studied physics at the Technical University of Munich. His studies focused on semiconductor physics and quantum physics. He completed his degree in 1999 with his diploma thesis on local laser induced processing of thin-film semiconductors. From 1999 to 2000 Michael Huber worked at the TU Munich in a collaborative research center for bioorganic functional systems on solids. In particular, he studied the passivation of silicon surfaces and the electronic functionalization of in-plane-gate transistors for detection of lipid layers and cells.

He received his doctorate in 2009 at the Walter Schottky Institut of the Technical University Munich for his thesis on “Tunnel Spectroscopy in the Quantum Hall Regime”. Michael Huber carried out his thesis in collaboration with the Walther Meissner Institute for Low Temperature Research, where he studied electronic quantum phenomena in low-dimensional semiconductor structures in high magnetic fields.

Michael Huber qualified as a German Patent Attorney in 2007 and as a European Patent Attorney in 2008, after he was trained at Müller-Boré, the German Patent and Trademark Office, and the German Federal Patent Court.

He has been with Müller-Boré since 2004, and became a partner in 2011.


On the final presentation day our jury evaluates the final presentations.

Anette Großmüller

Anette Großmüller

Expert Precision Medicine - SAP Health

Anette Großmüller joined SAP Health as an Expert Precision Medicine and Domain Expert in June 2016. Beforehand she worked several years within the pharmaceutical industry as Medical Scientific Manager at Daiichi Sankyo and as Key Account Manager Professional Health at Procter & Gamble. Her scientific expertise was build up during 5 years of basic research within the University Hospital Heidelberg. She developed new therapeutic approaches for inherited metabolic diseases during her PhD within the University Children’s Hospital Heidelberg. Additionally, she focused on genetics, microbiology and health economics during her diploma of biology at the University of Bayreuth.

Advisory board

Annelies Boonen

Annelies Boonen

Maastricht Universiteit

Annelies Boonens ambition is to contribute to healthcare that has (evidence based, personalised and sustainable) attention for social role participation of patients with rheumatic diseases. Enhance equal access of patients with rheumatological disease to healthcare in Europe. Enlarge research networks on economic determinants and consequences of rheumatologic diseases in Europe and stimulate young researchers to join in this ambition. Performing and teaching research according to principles of integrity.

Joachim Szecsenyi

Joachim Szecsenyi

Heidelberg University Hospital

Joachim Szecsenyi has a degree in medicine and social sciences. He has a track record of more than 25 years in Primary Care and Health Services Research. Currently he is medical director and leader of a department at Heidelberg University Hospital. He is also founder and CEO of the AQUA Institute for Applied Quality Improvement and Research in Health Care.

Katrin Redmann

Katrin Redmann


After activities in marketing and sales in different sectors, Katrin Redmann changed to SAP 18 years ago. She worked as chief of marketing banks and insurances, Senior Alliance Managerin, Solution Expert, Design Strategist in the AppHaus in Heidelberg, before she became country manager DACH of University Alliances, innovation lead, Design Thinking coach and Business Modell Innovation coach responsible for innovation, entrepreneurship and design, as well as strategic digital transformation projects with customers, students, startups and universities.

Michel Wensing

Michel Wensing

Heidelberg University Hospital

Michel Wensing is professor of health services research and implementation science in healthcare at Heidelberg University since 2015. He is also head of the newly established 2-year M.Sc. program of Health Services Research and Implementation Science and adjunct-head of the Department of General Practice and Health Services Research in Heidelberg University Hospital. Previously, he was full professor at Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen (Netherlands), where he still holds an honorary appointment. He has been trained as sociologist, medical care researcher, health economist, and medical care researcher. His research has focused on general practice primary and care, performance of health professionals, organisation of healthcare practice, patient behaviours and experiences, and concepts and methods of implementation science.

Silvia Evers

Silvia Evers

Maastricht Universiteit

Silvia Evers ambition is, that her research line should be incubator for high-quality multidisciplinary research and teaching focusing on innovations in (public) health, in the field of health economics, policy and management both nationally, as well as internationally. It should be a stimulating environment for all researchers to exchange ideas, to adapt new methods and concepts and to bridge the gap between research and practice.

Organising Team

Jolanda Lindenberg

Jolanda Lindenberg

Leyden Academy

Jolanda Lindenberg is a scientific staff member at Leyden Academy and is researching social networks, group and personal identity within the nursing home setting and in neighbourhood projects. Her contribution to the research programme focuses on social science issues and research methodology in the study of ageing and vitality.

In addition, Jolanda assists various research projects, including elder abuse, the quality of life of the elderly, the perception of the elderly and the measuring instrument ‘Life and Vitality Assessment’. Jolanda is a social-cultural anthropologist and received her PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Germany.

Raoul Haschke

Raoul Haschke

Heidelberg University

Raoul Haschke has a doctorate in astrophysics. He received all his degrees from Heidelberg University and understands from first-hand experience how educational and research outfits function. After receiving his doctorate, he decided to pursue his interest in the links between science and the economy and to work as a startup manager. Since then, Heidelberg Startup Partners has been benefiting from his organizational talent and his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

Raoul Haschke works not only for the startup management of Heidelberg University but also for the Startup Office of Heidelberg Startup Partners. In addition, he is responsible for coordination at Heidelberg Startup Partners. He advises entrepreneurs who are applying for funding and helps establish contact with partners of Heidelberg Startup Partners.

Thomas Prexl

Thomas Prexl

Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V.

Thomas Prexl is the businessman in the office of Heidelberg Startup Partners. After studying at Mannheim University, he worked initially for several years at a marketing joint venture in the electronics industry, where he held various positions. At the same time, Thomas Prexl was active as an entrepreneur. Whether as freelancer during the dotcom bubble, as self-employed on a research project or as managing partner of a limited liability company (GmbH), he has never shied away from any form of entrepreneurship.

Thomas Prexl works for the Heidelberg Technology Park and is responsible for the management of the Startup Office of Heidelberg Startup Partners. In particular, he advises entrepreneurs on the development of a business plan as well as in the areas of marketing, organization and corporate management.

Preparing the Summer School: Healthy Ageing in six steps

  • You have to participate in the MOOC “Healthy Ageing in 6 steps” to prepare you for the euVENTION Summer School.

  • The MOOC starts on August 1st.


For travel and accommodation costs you can apply for scholarships.
The final amount will be determined after the selection process has finished.

For participants from

  • Germany

  • up to 250€

  • Europe

  • up to 500€

  • Non-Europe

  • up to 750€


Accommodation (as in hotel or hostel rooms) is not included.

Here you find special offers for hotels and hostels in Heidelberg.


Who is the target group?

We are looking for persons with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds interested in participating. We aim to have multidisciplinary teams as we believe these will be the most powerful to come to solutions.
It is beneficial if you have a finished master degree. euVENTION is also open to young professionals, who have already left academia. If you are still doing your masters in the field of euVENTION, please send us your application with your motivation.

If you aren’t sure if euVENTION is for you, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Which language will be spoken?

The euVENTION Summer School is an international event. All communication will be in English. Participants are expected to be proficient in English. It is not necessary to know any German. If needed, we will be happy to support you with your travel arrangements,.

Which kind of food will be available?

The summer school includes free breakfast and lunch. We will always provide a vegetarian option. We cannot guarantee the accommodation of other dietary needs.

Who will own the IP?

Should the teams create new IP during the weekend, the IP belongs to the team as a whole.

Can I propose my own challenge/business idea?

Although we have collected some real world challenges from our partners in industry and academia, we invite you to bring your own challenge. Please propose it together with your application. A prestigous jury will decide on the challenges choosen.

How to get to the venue?

The event will be held at the Marsilius Arkaden North Tower located at “Im Neuenheimer Feld 130.1” at the university campus in Heidelberg.

The nearest airports are Frankfurt/Main and Stuttgart. From Heidelberg train station, take bus no. 32 for 10 minutes to “Uni-Campus, Heidelberg-Neuenheim” or the tram to “Jahnstrasse, Heidelberg-Neuenheim” for 5 minutes. Time tables are available here.

Parking is available outside the building. You need to take a ticket from the machine once you enter the campus.

We are happy to help you with your travel arrangements and hotel reservation, please let us know.

Can I lead a team?

Definitely. If you feel qualified to lead a team, please let us know in your application.

Why did you collect real world challenges?

We believe that our teams will be able to develop solutions in less than two weeks. The challenge owner (i.e. our business partners from industry and academia) might be interested to be your first costumer right after the event, or buy your solution or the team as a whole.

Please contact us


About us

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It is organized by Heidelberg UniversityHeidelberg University HospitalHeidelberg Startup Partners e.V.Leyden Academy on Vitality and AgeingMaastricht University and SAP SE. Together these partners provide the essential expertise; on chronic disease; on IT development; on product development. The EIT Health leverages the expertise of over a 130 leading organisations in healthcare to sustainably advance the foundations of healthcare and thus promote the future conditions for healthier living and wellbeing of people across Europe.

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