Raoul is the inventor of euVENTION. He designed the program in 2017 and had the main responsibility to execute it in Heidelberg for the first time.

Besides organizing Summer Schools he works not only for the startup management of Heidelberg University but also for the Startup Office of Heidelberg Startup Partners. In addition, he is responsible for coordination at Heidelberg Startup Partners. He advises entrepreneurs who are applying for funding and helps establish contact with partners of Heidelberg Startup Partners. Additionally he is the Summer School coordinator for EIT Health.

Raoul has a doctorate in astrophysics. He received all his degrees from Heidelberg University and understands from first-hand experience how educational and research outfits function. After receiving his doctorate, he decided to pursue his interest in the links between science and the economy and to work as a startup manager. Since then, Heidelberg Startup Partners has been benefiting from his organizational talent and his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.